February 16, 2018

The Hordijk Minutes

Todd Barton, the famous synth wizard, offers a series of small tutorials/demos of instruments in his Instagram account. 
He just wants to share what he is learning about the Hordijk with others. And we are glad he does.

When asked about why he created it Todd says :
"I like short forms: in poetry-haiku, in literature-short stories, etc. so I thought it would be great challenge to offer some short tutorials. Oh! Ans I was new to Instagram and there is a & minute video limit for content :-)"
He had a lot of positive response from both Hordijk practitionners and other analog synthesists that could translate what he was doing to their formats.
But the most amazing and encouragement came from Rob :
"Thank you very much for the ‘one minutes’ [tutorials], they get a really good reception with users. I must admit they inspire me too, especially as I have come to the habit of immediately setting up complex patches and then getting lost in how to play them. These simple examples let me go back to the basics, with often better results. –Rob Hordijk"
There will be more Minutes to come in the future but for now I invite you to check the ones that are online in Todd's Youtube playlist

Some extra videos are in the playlist. Be sure to watch them too.

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